Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Local Destination | Baler

Baler is a very popular surfing spot in the Philippines,
and not far from it is Maria Aurora - a place very rich of Philippine history.

Last May, I had a 2D/1N trip to Baler. Even with the short notice, I-tour Baler, was able to plan our trip for us. We informed them of our budget and they designed a tour suited for our time and budget.

Thank you I-tour Baler! :)

I left Manila at about 6am in the morning, and arrived lunch time at Maria Aurora's wet market. 

We stayed at Malamig Resort which is located at Maria Aurora.
A tricycle was our way around the city.

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DAY 1 

DAY 2 

Surfing is a dangerous sport. Always listen to your instructor. I obtained my first ever ankle sprain here. :(

Now is the right time to go back to Baler, since we have already entered the Ber-months.
The waves are perfect for surfing at this time of the year. 

(You can also check out La Union, they have an upcoming event this coming October. :) )

If you want to focus on surfing, I prefer La Union.
But if you want to surf, hike, and know more of our history, then Baler is perfect for you.
I would not recommend an overnight trip though, because it will definitely leave you wanting more.

And be careful when you surf! :) 
Always listen to your coach, or you might end up like me.

UPDATE: My ankle is fully healed, after 3 looong months! 

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  1. beautiful photographs!! :)

    xx Krisella


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