Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baler Fishport & Diguisit Falls

Third stop in our itinerary for our second and final day in Baler was at the Baler Municipal Fish port. 

The view by the fish port was a a never-ending space of blueness. 
Blue sky. Blue Sea.
If not for the thin line that separates the two, you would never know the difference.

There were a number of boats, both big and small.

The say almost all places look the same, its the people you are with that makes the experience different.

While fish ports might look all the same, it was this boy that made the experience different.
His name is Borris.

He was very problematic because they were fishing the entire morning and only caught a small fish.

He says he always goes fishing with his dad, so that someday he'll learn how to fish too.

He says they'll eat the fish for lunch, so he hopes that more fish will take the bait. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us Borris! 

I know one day you'll make an excellent fisherman. 
You will not only catch fish for your family, but maybe even for your neighbors as well. ;)

Good-bye Borris!

Our next stop Diguisit Falls. 
Unlike the Mother falls,  the Diguisit falls is much easier to access.
It is just by the road going to Diguisit Islet.  

Like us, there were lots of passers-by, wanting to take a quick plunge in the water.

We even saw a family, who brought with them their baby. 

The climb to the falls is steep, so if you are not used to climbing,
 then I suggest you leave your bags in your car. 
There is a parking area right in front of it, but can only accommodate a couple of cars.

It's dangerous to bring your babies!
So unless your an expert at climbing like these locals, 
then I suggest you just take turns in taking care of the baby at the bottom of the falls. :) 

On to our next destination...

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