Thursday, January 16, 2014

Surfing at Baler Bay

The much awaited part of the trip...surfing

While surfing seems to be fun, it is still considered an extreme sport.
Beginners are highly encouraged to to train and surf with a coach. 
Remember, it pays to be extra careful.

The first thing the trainers do, is teach us the basics. 
We already experienced a coaching session like this before but at a different beach

If you are a newbie, expect that all you get to do for the 2-hour training, 
is standing up on your surfboard.

Sometimes, you make it.

And sometimes, you don't.

In those 2 hours, I managed to get a mix of both,
and for the last 10 minutes, an unfortunate accident happened.

My trainer was teaching me how to maneuver the board (left/right).
I did a few attempts, but failed so many times.

For my final attempt, I lost balance when a wave sent me tumbling down. 

I wasn't able to control my landing, and ended up with a sprained ankle.

My coach said I was still lucky enough because earlier that morning,
 a woman fractured her knee. 

After doing some first aid, our tour guide Cassie, treated us for lunch to brighten up my mood. 

Afterwards, I just watched other surfers enjoy their wave. 

Til next time Baler! 

I really enjoyed the 2-day-trip because it was so jam-packed,that it felt like we spent 3 or 4 days already.

Our Maria Aurora - Baler trip was very educational and exciting.

I learned more about our history, got to know some of the locals,
 appreciated the beauty of different water creatures, and most importantly 
rode a surfboard that lead to an injury I never incurred in my 20 years of dancing. 

With that, I must say, this trip was one short-but-memorable adventure. :)


Thank you Cassie of I-tour Baler for assisting us in our adventure. 
We enjoyed it, and we will surely visit again. 


  1. Lovely photos! Sounds like a great day, apart from spraining your ankle! Hope it's better now!
    I love surfing - don't get to try it often enough though sadly!

    Helen at Hels Yeah! xx

  2. This looks so fun! I've always wanted to surf, my friend recently went to the coast on a surfing trip and I was so jealous!! Glad you enjoyed yourself :-)


  3. surfing looks so fun!

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