Monday, September 30, 2013

Something Like Berries

Today is the last day for SM GTW Stylebook 2013 contest, and this is my entry.
I wore this to a cousin's wedding 
I am not included in the entourage so I think it's okay not to wear a gown.(Is it?eep) 

Dress | SM GTW
 I like the clothes at SM GTW, because not only is it fashionable and affordable, 
but they have clothes in my size. :)

Bag | SM Accessories
Earrings | SM Accessories
Shoes | Charles & Keith
On deciding whether to save or to spend, for accessories, I always go for save; 
but for shoes, I go for spend.

You can always go to thrift shops for rubber shoes, or flat shoes, but never for heels.
Save up on quality shoes, and it might save you from unwanted shoe accidents.

Happy Monday! 
Wish me luck on my entry! :) 

If I won't make it, no harm done.
I still have this beautiful dress anyway. ;)

I see berries whenever I look at this dress. lol.
photo credit


  1. this dress is absolutely stunning! Love the colors. looks great on you.

  2. Beautiful dress! Great print



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