Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mini Zoo & Ermita Hill

For our 2nd day at our Maria Aurora-Baler trip,
we woke up early, to make the most of our time.

While waiting for the tricycle, we walked around the Mini Zoo at the Inn we were staying at.

Try observing monkeys, and you will see how similar their actions are with us humans.

Next stop is  Ermita Hill.

Among all the historical places I've been to,
the history in this one is very memorable.

A long time ago, a tsunami struck the province of Aurora.
The seven statues you see below the hill, represent the seven families who survived the Tsunami.

They survived by climbing to the top of the hill
and lived there till the catastrophe was over.

Thus, most of the people in Baler are descendants of these seven families.

At the top of Ermita Hill is this huge cross which can be seen from anywhere across Baler.
They say it was built as a reminder to the whole city of Baler of Christianity.

Next stop...

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  1. Wow! Such a lovely photos! I love all the animals!!! <3


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