Thursday, January 16, 2014

Diguisit Islet & Museo de Baler

After passing by Baler Fish port and Diguisit Falls, we have now come to our next destination
 -- the Diguisit Islet.

An isle or islet is a small Island. 
It was my first time to go to an Islet and I never knew the many different water creatures that inhibits it.

I noticed there were different kinds of rocks. 
Some of it have piled up on top of each other.

The experience was educational, not that I learned the name of each species there was,
but because now I know they exist.

Diguisit Islet is like a museum, the only difference is that, these creatures are in their natural environment. :)

So for people who would love to see different water creatures, and maybe even discover one, then I guess you'll enjoy Diguisit Islet.

Make sure to ask your tour guide if the creatures could be touched. 
It's not only for your safety, but for the creatures as well. 

If you'll ask, I was not the one who touched the crab-like creature, I am fine in taking photos. ;)

From what seems to be a museum, our next stop was a real museum --Museo de Baler.

From sea creatures, we now go to Philippine history. 
At the entrance of the museum is a monument of Manuel Quezon, the second president of the Philipines

He was born in Baler. 
His presidential car can be found in the museum.

Some of the items inside the museum are from the Galleon Trade. 

While most of it are from the Spanish Period.

The photo below is like a blueprint of a house.

You can see the words, Cocina , Sala, Corredor , and Coarto which closely resemble the tagalog words  Kusina, Sala, Koridor, and Kuwarto. 

From there we can see how great the influence of Spain is in our local language, Filipino

That's all for Museo de Baler. 

This last photo gives a clue on the last destination. 
What-else other than.. surfing! :) 

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