Thursday, October 25, 2012

Simple in Black and White

Today's outfit is simple in black and white. 

I went all out with the black and white even with the eyeglasses. And to emphasize it, I wore my hair on a high bun. Parang  teacher lang. ;)

Eyeglasses | borrowed from my brother
Black triangle earrings | F21
The details of this upper part of the top is so cool. It is see-through and full of hearts. I also love the ruffles on the sleeves. :) 

White Blouse | Robinson's Dept. Store
Bag | Parisian
                        This is the outfit without the jacket. I also added a pop of color with the bag and the shoes. :)

I change to my flats whenever I commute to make things easier for my legs. Who says you can't be stylish when commuting? 

Shoes | Solemates

That's all. I added details and a pop color to a plain black and white outfit. 
How 'bout you? How would you make a simple outfit, not so simple? :)


  1. You should wear the white top as it is. It's actually lovely by itself.. Love the shoes! Anyway, cute blog.. ;)

    I love it if you check out my blog & follow perhaps?? ;))

    1. Hi Marjorie..I'd love to wear the top by itself, but sleeveless is not allowed in our office :(

  2. The top is adorable, the back is so feminine!

  3. hey. you're very pretty. :)
    would you like to follow each other?
    xx Sophie

  4. Thank you so much for your comment.
    I follow you. Please follow back. ;)
    xx Sophie

  5. Hi..already following you Sophie :) Thanks!

  6. hey Your top is so pretty... Can't stop staring at it... And you have a lovely blog...

    EastGrad Fashion


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