Monday, October 1, 2012

Learn from your Mistakes

This whole week (except Wednesday and Thursday) we can wear not-so-corporate attire.:) And this is what I came up with

Forever 21 | Sheer blouse
Maldita | Necklace

My brother took the photos and he is not counting out loud! I do not know when he is taking the shots!! UGH. 

Bench | Pants

Alberto | Shoes

 Today I am so happy cause I was able to call Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) without letting others do it for me. Yehay! haha. Hindi ako utusera, mahiyain lang. Lol. A little bit sad cause I have an error at work. :( But I think it's good to have mistakes , cause it's a sign that you are still learning. :) And it keeps your feet grounded.

Things to look forward this week:

  • TUESDAY - Filing of lost passport 
  • WEDNESDAY - Removal of braces (Yes! after 3 years!! )
  • SATURDAY - family get together & training
  • SUNDAY- a friend's despedida
Let's start the week right! :)


  1. LOVE those wedges! And don't worry if your photographer doesn't tell you when they're going to take the picture, as sometimes the cutest shots are the unexpected ones!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

    1. Hi daisy! :)

      thanks for always dropping by my blog! :) and yes, i agree with what you just said..;)

  2. hi babe, thanks for stopping by on my blog.. yeah i love to follow your blog, im following you now hope you follow back as you promise.

    Love sasa of Dress Me Up

    1. Hi..:) thanks!! :) I am following you already..:) thanks Sasa!

  3. Everything is perfectly put together,love it!;)

  4. You're a doll! Thanks for stopping by, following you now :P


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