Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rainbow Under the Sun

Due to unfortunate events, our Singapore trip didn't push through. And because we desperately wanted to go someplace different, and do something different, we went to La Union to surf! :)

I will do a separate blog post on that, but first an outfit post.

Floral Shirt | Bench
Sando | Ensembles
Shorts | Bench
I am so happy because my brother lent me his SLR. He even made a mini handout which I can use as a guide. Hope the pictures look better. ;)
wore this floral polo shirt here

Sunnies | Bought in a palengeke during our Laiya trip

Hat | made by me :)
Sandals | Payless shoesource
Remember the hat  I was telling you about here? This is the final product!
DIY tutorial soon!:)

When unfortunate things happen to us, all we think about is the negative side of it. 
We fail to remember that God has a reason for everything. 
He puts us at the right place at the right time. 
All we need to do is believe in His plans, no matter how unfathomable it is.

Hope you liked 1) the outfit 2) the photos 3) the DIY-ed hat. 
And no matter what your problems are..just stay strong! :)


  1. Lovely photos, you look cute :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog too!


  2. Nice outfit post! Will wait for your adventure post. LOL.
    Nice posting again dear! :)


  3. Nice floral shirt. Sorry to hear your trip to Singapore didnt happen. Waiting to see the surf photos.

  4. jealous! Here its freezing! Love ur blouse ^^

    p.s. Don't forget to check my Maison Martin Margiela with H&M GIVEAWAY ^^

  5. Love your strawhat!
    And I'm envying you for that great sunny and warm weather :)

    ♥, Nina


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