Friday, September 14, 2012

ABS-olutely not!

Unfortunately we were't able to watch The Mistress. I overslept because we ate too much at Banchetto, Pioneer.

Anyway, that's alright.I wouldn't miss up on food anyway. Besides,we can still watch the movie next week!;)
So, here is what I ate:

Lasagna worth P80

Isaw worth P25
Mukang ang sarap nung lasagna noh? Masarap naman pero yung loob kasi puro pasta.:( sa taas lang yung meat at sauce. Yung isaw ang panalo. Lasang malinis tapos ang sarap ng sawsawan! Yum!


Yep. I have to stop. My 'friend' and I will go to Singapore this November. And I don't know why she wants to ride the GMAX REVERSE BUNGEE.

You start by riding on a cage that looks something like this,

Photo credit:
Then, you will be thrown up in the air like this:
Photo credit:

NOOOOOOOOOO!! S$45 for that?! It might even cost me more if I get hospitalized!!

I can handle theme park rides but not (and NEVER)this!! My stomach is churning just by looking at the photos and watching the videos! (Learn more from their website here) So I pleaded to my friend that we just go ride something else, like for example the Zipline at Sentosa, but she is insistent on riding the f*cking GMAX! Eh baka ung intestines ko yung mag end-up kagaya nung isaw sa taas eh.hahaha.

The only thing she agreed on was a deal--pagandahan ng abs! She has the guts cause she already has a slim waist.Kumbaga huhulmahin na lang. Eh yung akin instead of abs, puro tabs! baby fats! boo! I have no choice but to agree. Having skyflakes-and-fruits-diet is better than riding that bungee!!PHEW!

Kaya ko to! If SHE WINS, we ride the bungee. But if I WIN, she'll have to give me the S$45 and I'll just go shopping! Wooot!

You can do it baby fats!:)

Wish me luck! Would you guys try riding that bungee?


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