Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reasons to Love: UP Los Banos

After months of not being able to visit my second home, finally God gave me the chance to go back. Despite the merciless and horrible murders which happened this year, there are still many reasons why we should not be afraid to go back to UPLB-- why we still love our second home.

Fertility Tree | A Statue | Freedom Park
I don't know what the statue is called, because in my time of stay at the university, it was not yet there. 
First is the environment. There are so many trees in our campus. When you are depressed due to exams, financial problems, or break-ups, and you want to chill and relax, the Freedom Park is the place to go. You can seat anywhere-- on the grass, on the bench, or underneath the trees. We usually go to park to practice stunts--cheering or break dancing stunts..;)  

There is Makahiya everywhere. :)
A gumamela 
Yeah. You can do anything in this field. Some play Frisbee. Others jog around the oval. Some play soccer. And at night, lovers do their thing! ;) #IfYouKnowWhatIMean

Even the pathway going to our building (Math Building) is covered with trees. :)
Jogging at night
Second is the Discipline. I have noticed that on my first months of stay in Los Banos. Aside from the Liquor Ban (which was just recently implemented) other things where I have noticed discipline was with the Jeepneys.

The jeepney drivers are very strict on where to unload and load passengers. Unlike here in Manila wherein PUV's have their own rules on just about everything! In LB, they follow the rules even at night when nobody is watching. There are only designated areas for loading and unloading. We call it the Yellow Lane. If the Yellow Lane is far from your building, then you have no choice but to walk.

Entering the campus
Another thing where I noticed how disciplined citizens of LB are, is their strict compliance to the No-Use-Of Plastic-policy. This law was already implemented in LB years before it was implemented in Manila. Or so I think. But the good thing here is, they really follow it, even in wet markets.

Third reason is the Affordable and Delicious Home-cooked food. In Los Banos, there are many carinderias which offers affordable yet delicious meals. The Lumpiang Shanghai meal below is from Ken's Take out. Free unlimited soup and water! yeahbah!:) super-tipid meals for students who need to budget their allowance. This only costs Php 23 pesos :)

Lumpiang Shanghai Meal

Choco Milk from the Carabao Center 
I love you Choco Milk! :) When I was still a freshman student, the Carabao Center is just near our dormitory. So, one weekend, my roommates and I decided to buy 1 liter of chocomilk-- EACH! Imagine the line in the bathroom afterwards! Lol.

Other products sold at the Carabao Center
Elbi Proven
Photo from
I love you more Proven! :) Elbi Proven is available only on weekdays which is why I wasn't able to take a photo of it. But is my number 1 love in LB. It is a street food, similar to kwek-kwek and fishballs, but is 10x better!! Words can't describe! The sawsawan is what makes it special. I just wanna go back for this! It is only Php 15 for regular serving and Php 20 for matakaw customers like me! ;) Pwede siya papakin or pwede rin i-ulam. It is guaranteed clean because it has been in business for a very looooong time. 

And whenever we are lazy to go out to buy Proven or other snacks, there are vendors to the rescue!;) In Tagalog, they are called Manglalako. They sell different snacks (bananaque, turon, kwek-kwek, chicken skin) on a basket, and they go around dorms and buildings shouting out their products. 

The last dorm we stayed in..I actually I was just a transient here.;)

Lastly, the memories. The friends I met here in LB became my second family. From doing homeworks, borrowing money, practicing for cheerdance competitions, crying 'cause of a broken heart,failed exam, and disapproved manuscripts, celebrating victory. We were able to do it together. We were able to witness each ones lowest and highest points in life. And that I will forever treasure.  LB is truly my home away from home :)

I also have a business there which I forgot to mention. Lol. ;)
Named after me ;) or was I named after it? Lol

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