Sunday, October 21, 2012

Amusement Park: Mall of Asia

My mother loves eating at Seafood restaurants. Yung ikaw mamamalengke at ikaw mamimili ng luto. Last week, we celebrated my brother's birthday at MOA. I forgot the name of the resto, but it was near the Ferris Wheel. 

They call it The Big Eye
And so, while waiting for the food, my niece and I looked around. 

I was surprised with all the rides we saw. I only know about the Ferris wheel, but I didn't know that there are many other rides there! They really turned it into an amusement park. Perfect for Sundays with the family! ;)

My niece can't open her eyes properly 'cause of the sun

This ride costs Php 50, even for the kids. Quite expensive I think

That's my nephew :) he is so adorable! 

This is what I wore. I wore flats cause we are with the kids, it means there will be a lot of  running around.

T-shirt | Kamisete
Pants | Mint
Shoes | Solemate
Watch | Timex

Awkward face cause it was my first time to take outfit shots in public. 

Details of the shirt

That's all! Hope you can visit the amusement park at MOA soon. :) 

What would you wear if you have kids with you? 


  1. Love amusement parks and that ride looks great fun!
    The best thing with kids is jeans, shirts and flats, lot of work with kids around.
    Loved your shirt.

  2. Hi Miss Laisa! :)

    Thanks! Yep! Lots of work when they are around..lots of running :S


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