Saturday, October 20, 2012

Affordable Finds: October

3 pairs of earrings | Forever 21
Php 160
I bought two sets of earrings because I only have 2 pairs and I think it is time to expand my earring 'collection.' ;) I am not that much into accessories, especially earrings, which is why I opted to buy simple ones. Ones which can go with different outfits.

2-pairs of earrings | Forever 21
Php 160

Round Hand Bag | Parisiancolor: Teal
Php 399
 A bag has been on my To-Buy-List for months now. I have been patiently looking for the right bag ever since and I found one which I think is 99.95% close to perfect. Why 99.95%?

>Perfect Size. It can accommodate my 'baon', my ballet flats, my make-up kit, and my umbrella.
>Water-proof. I don't know what you call the it but the texture is not the type which easily gets wet. Perfect for rainy days.
>Affordable. 400Php only! :) 'nuff said. haha
>Comes w/ a strap. You can change it from shoulder bag to sling bag. 2 for the price of 1. 

Now where is the 0.05% you ask?

>Color. I love the color but it can't go with everything I wear.The black one has the 'normal type' of texture (can easily get wet). Good thing most of my 'office' clothes are black and white.

*the bag comes with a strap*

ballet flats | Solemate x SM Dept. Store
Buy 2 for P 399. 75 
 I do not wear flats. But these are so cute and affordable not to buy. I also noticed that going to work in slippers (even with heels) looks unprofessional. Besides, I can share this with my mom, who always complain about aching feet and legs when coming from work wearing heels.

Bag Organizer | SM Dept. Store
Php 199
*pardon our the chipped door* 
 I bought this bag-organizer because the bags in our room tend to go all over the place. This organizer can hold up to 7 bags. :)

*closer view of the bag organizer*
That's all for now. How about you? Have you shopped lately? :)


  1. i love solemate. they have cute flats and super affordable pa.

    1. yup! korek ka jan Arra! ;) kung pwede lang bilin lahat ng shoes dun haha

  2. The flats with the dots are adooorable ^^

    1. Thanks Keit! I think so too! ;) I am so cautious when using it because it might get dirty..haha

  3. Cute flats! Love dropping by the Dept Store to pick items like these. :)


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