Monday, October 1, 2012

Friday Blues

Finally friday! :) dress down day..we can wear jeans already! Less hassle for commuters like me..:) So this is what I wore:
Kamiseta | Blue V-neck Shirt

Ensembles | Necklace

Aldo | Sunglasses

F&H | Pants

Can you believe that everything I am wearing (except the shoes) were bought on sale! :) Yup. That's how lucky I am when buying clothes. I really make sure I get items on a discount, because besides having limited budget for clothes, I only have a little body to cover. :)

The shades was bought for 200+ pesos only. The necklace I think was 149 pesos. And the pants was 400+ pesos only! :) Ganun ako ka-kuripot..Lol. When going to the mall, I make sure na inikot ko muna lahat bago ako bumili, because it is very disappointing to buy an expensive item, then when you go to the next store, you will see the same item BUT with a lesser price.

Alberto | Shoes

This is my mom's shoes. Hiraman kami. Yup. magka size kasi kami ng paa. This was not bought on sale. Kasi my mom tells me na it's better to buy few pairs of shoes kahit mahal pero matibay since naglalakad kami araw-araw.

How bout you guys? What would you buy on sale? And what would you prefer buying on its regular price?

Happy weekend! :)

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