Thursday, September 27, 2012

Red & Pink Roses

This is what I wore on a Thursday:

Black Cardigan | Kamiseta
White Shirt | Bazaar
Skirt| Forever 21
I got the black cardigan half the price at MOA's 3-day sale 2 weeks ago. While the skirt was given by my friend which she bought from Forever 21 at Glorietta's summer sale. I am happy when I buy clothes at a discount..:) I think it's not about luck.  It's all about patience. Waiting for the right time to buy branded clothes. Ang sarap ng feeling na sila nabili nila ng libo-libo tapos ikaw Php 500 lang! Pang-asar ;)

I wore these eyeglasses cause I don't have any accessories. My friends call it "Jeje." I don't know why. :(
I find it cute. Except that it makes my nose look bigger. Lol.

I wore a plain white top cause I find the skirt loud already. At para hindi mainit habang nag ccomute. :)
*Awkward face*

My cousin who took the photos :)

That's all. What do you think? :)


  1. very cute outfit!

  2. Beautiful! :)

  3. Great post! Thanks for checking out my blog.
    I love your skirt. :)


    1. sure chai..:) my skirt looks like the one you have :))


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