Monday, October 22, 2012

Be Independent

I was always taught to be independent by the environment I belonged to, and by the people who have a huge impact on my life. It was taught to me unconsciously. I remember my mom picking me up 3-4 hours after our ballet class ends. All my classmates are gone, except me. :( 

At first, I pity myself. I cry. But afterwards, I tell myself to think of a solution. To be proactive in a situation you can't change. I can't blame my mom because the reason why she's late is also because of us, her kids. We are the reason why she has to work her ass off all night. My father died in a car crash when I was still 4-years old and ever since, my mom has been a single parent. That is the reason why I can't blame her. And that is the reason why I told myself to  learn how to commute. To be independent at an early age. 

Flats | Solemate
Bag | given by my tita
I have a 'theory' that we all live alone in the end. We were born alone, and we will die alone. It is sad to think that no matter how many your friends are, how many your relatives are, in the end you will be alone. And all will be memories. It can be captured through pictures. But pictures fade. Memories do not. Memories of love,friendship, and happiness are the ones essential in this life. Those are the ones you will remember.

bead bracelets | souvenirs from Boracay
Shorts and Belt | Old
V- neck shirt | Kamiseta

Sorry for the bad photos. my brother doesn't want to take pictures of me. Ang jologs ko daw! Kainis! basag-trip. haha. Natetest tuloy ang aking pagiging independent. Another challenge for me. I can do it on my own! I'll show him. ;)

Anyway, hope you liked this outfit. :) Can you give me tips on how to take shots by myself? (Without using tripod cause that is expensive.haha)

I am addicted in reading a very informative and inspiring DIY blog. 
Check it out here.Might try out some of it soon! ;)


  1. Cute casual outfit.=) Love your bracelets.

    Followed you back.

  2. Loving this casual and comfortable outfit! Such a nice pop of yellow color :) xx


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