Saturday, December 8, 2012

Typhoon Pablo/Bopha

Typhoon Bopha/Pablo has hit the Islands of Mindanao first week of December but up to now, hundreds are still missing and hundreds were already found dead. 

I was able to watch a TV interview of the survivors. One saw how his father died. It was very traumatic. He narrates that he wasn't able to help him cause he was also stuck in the mud while a tree fell on his fathers back. It was very tragic. :( Whats worse is some government officials were even taking advantage of it  (I am sure not all of them are, there are still good ones I believe) . 

Here are some of the pictures of what the typhoon left behind: 

All photos are not by me. 
300+ found dead and as of today they are still searching for more missing bodies
Ted Aljibe/AFP/Getty Images via
Carlos Manlupig/AFP/Getty Images via
Bullit Marquez/Associated Press via

Please do check out these links for more information on the Typhoon:

for consistent updates
list of evacuation centers and donation centers
news, and more news on the typhoon
a photoblog on the aftermath

We can survive this.
We always do. We have to do our part.
We can donate, however small it may be.
Share the information.
And wherever you are, please take a minute to pray.

Pray that the affected families find comfort in Him.
Pray that politicians use their power for the faster recovery
of these families and of the island.
 Pray that every Filipino help in whatever means they can. 

I have faith in humanity. 
I have faith in Filipinos.


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  3. I hope there is no more damage due to this typhoon...
    good to see you dedicating a post to this...
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    1. yeah..thanks Zia..your prayer means a lot..

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  4. Thanks for informing about the typhoon, such a tragedy. :(

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    1. yeah..:( hope you can pray for us..

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  5. Sorry your country is prone to natural disasters such as this, my prayers go out to you all. Despite the tragedy, its beautiful to see everyone come together and support one another. Thanks for sharing this, a lot of people are not aware and ways they can help.

    1. yes..thanks to your means a lot..:)

  6. OMG.....I am so sorry for those who experienced this, this is truly a tragedy of epic proportions :(
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  7. Oh Gosh, how aweful. I hate people complaining about their life or work, because some people in this world are overcoming such horrible and scaring things like on those snapshots. That's really impressive and I do sorry.

    Best wishes, Alexandra

    1. yeah..sometimes we have to think more than ourselves..:(

  8. oh that is so terrible! i hope everyone is safe

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  9. I'm so sorry about the disaster. I hope everything passes soon and that the number of victims won't rise anymore. My love and prayers go to both you and your people. :*
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