Friday, April 5, 2013

Must Love Dogs

This is our dog. My mom named him Shiloh (Yes. the Beagle.) but we love to call him different names. My niece, who is just 5 years old, calls him Fuffydog. (And calls the cat, Kittycat.) 
But I call him, Fuffy or Fluffy.

I don't know why I baby talk when I talk to dogs. They are just so cuuuute, and huggable.
And listens to you when there is no one to listen, or even if what you are saying is so shallow.
I appreciate that he is always awake when I arrive home after work,cause if not, I'm sure there would be a lot of times where I would've been locked out of the house. 

Sometimes, he is annoying cause he poops inside the house. Or pees on the sofa.
But most of the times, he is just charming. Even when he stinks, or when he is dirty.
No matter what, I love him. :)

Why is it that dogs are so easy to love? 

Well, anyway, Fuffy is here in my blog because I miss him.
Also because, he bit my brother awhile ago 
which is why we have to observe both of them for rabies. :(

He is done with his anti-rabies shots,when he was still a puppy. 
But I think it should be done every year. 
His last shot was last year.

I am hoping for the best. And I know, that he and my brother are both safe from that virus. :)

Hahaha.It's funny how I am more concerned with the dog than with my brother.

Please pray for Fuffy! :)

And if you have dogs, stay safe! Have them checked by the vet! 

Happy Weekend!


  1. he is adorable !!!!! <3
    thanks for follow me!
    follow you back now :)

  2. hola guapa, gracias por visitar mi blog, en cuanto tu quieras nos seguimos, un beso, te espero,

  3. oh wow i hope both of them will be fine :)

  4. Ounn, so cute!!
    I don't know why I baby talk to my dog, maybe because I think she is my daugther, I don't know hehe

    See you on my blog!!

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  6. Very cute and fluffy dog!

    Thank you for your comments on my blog!
    I follow you back.

    Good weekend,

  7. Ohh, so sweeeet doggy!! Love, love, love <3<3<3

    Would you like to follow each others?
    Greetings from Poland!
    Renews xxx

    1. Thank you for your comment and following on my blog xxx

      I’m following you on GFC too!

      Kisses from Poland!
      Renews xxx

  8. Such an adorable doggie, I wish I has one too <3

    Feel free to check-out my blog and if you like, follow me on GFC, I'll follow you back :)

  9. thanks guys! :) i guess he is ok now..very hyper still..:)

  10. (: Reb, xoxo.

    *Sul mio blog c'è un nuovo post, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:


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