Saturday, September 15, 2012


Today, we had our training for an upcoming competition-- the HRCC Inter Call Center Dance Competition 2012. The company has been joining for 6 years I think, and they only placed once. Among 20+ companies, only 5 will be given awards. So, we are really aiming even for the 5th spot. (Check out the HRCC facebook page here.) The contest will be on October 14, Sunday at the Cuneta Astrodome. Less than a month to go! Wish us luck cause we are really working hard on this! ;)

Anyway,my plan was to go to MOA after practice. But the weather won't let me. :( The rain was continuous since last night, and I heard from the news that some areas in the metro are already flooded. Sana naman wala nang bagyo na dumaan dito. Di pa ba sila nagsasawa sa Pilipinas? :(

And since it was raining non-stop, this is what I wore:

Jacket: Freeway, Tube top: Mango, Shorts: Divi, Shoes: Thrifted, Watch: Human
I prefer wearing shorts over pants when it's raining kasi mahirap maglaba ng pants.haha. I wore a tube top  inside para pag uminit keribels lang. Two things I love about this sneakers: heels and fur! It has platform heels for added height. Kahit 1 1/2 inch lang keri na. The inside of the shoes is also fur, so you can guaranty my feet is kept warm the whole time. The downside is hindi rin talaga siya pwedeng pang-sunny day, kasi your feet might end-up drenched in sweat.Pasmado.LOL. hahaha

I ended up, staying at home and my brother just made Strawberry-Filled Pancakes.:)

His ingredients:

Fluffy n' Tasty pancake mix
Polaner Strawberry Preserves

The final product:

YUUUM! :) All he did was add & mix the strawberries in the batter. Then he did the usual procedure in making pancakes.

By the way, Shiloh has arrived! He was away for 2 days trying to make a baby.:) I hope he succeeded so we can have new additions to the family!

Shiloh saying Hi :)
He looks crazy there, but I think he's cute :)

That's all for today! Enjoy the weekend!

Try visiting MOA if the rain stops.

 ..and try making the Strawberry-Filled Pancakes. It's worth it!

Tell me what you think..


  1. nice post! ;)

    anyway I didnt find you on my follower list, you can check it later ;)
    and I cant following you coz I didnt find the following button here, can you help me?
    thanks in advance


    1. Hi! :) i commented or your recent post..:) thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. YUM! You're making me hungry - LOL! LOVE the cute little crazy dog.
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

    1. yeah! he is one crazy dog :) love your follower here Daisy! :)

  3. Cute photos you got! :)
    Btw, I read your lovely comment on my blog. Thank you for that keep blogging :))

    1. Hi, Cielo..

      i like your outfit during your friend's debut! :)

      and if you don't mind me asking, who takes your look shots? thanks! :)

  4. Hello there! =)
    Wow. Thank you so much! yeaah, i enjoy having blisters on my feet! heehee :3 And I hope we could dance together too :))

    Anyway, good luck on your competition! Hope you guys will win! =D


    1. Hi,

      thanks Rae! :) enjoy your dancing while you're still young! ;)

  5. love the jacket


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