Monday, September 24, 2012

Infinity Dress: THE HALTER TWIST

Last Wednesday my mom attended an awarding ceremony at Dusit Hotel. I am not really sure as to what the theme was, but my mom insisted on wearing a cocktail dress.

I am not an expert at styling, but judging by the venue and the event, I suggested that she wear something a bit formal. It doesn't need to be a long gown, but it should be something elegant and classy.

So, here is what she wore:



This dress is my birthday gift to her. It's called an infinity dress. It is made from spandex and you can wear it in different ways. It's cool cause you get to experiment with the style of the dress and even its length.This is the first time she wore it.

She wants the front to have sleeves (so she need not bring a scarf or blazer with her) ,yet she wants the back to be a little exposed.

Since I wasn't able to document how I made it look like that,  I found a video on Youtube on how to tie the Infinity dress to make it similar to that.

How to Tie a Wrap Dress| Halter Twist

I bought the dress from Mimi x The Ramp for less than 2000php! It is a great find considering the number of ways you can wear it, all for the price of one. Not to mention that the dress can fit me too. How cool is that? :)

So buy an infinity dress now! It is a smart choice for girls who have a tight budget but still want to look presentable during special occasions. Check out other Youtube tutorials to see other ways of wearing it. Or simply, experiment. Have fun! :)


  1. AMAZING! I've never seen an infinity dress - can't believe you can tie it different ways to get different looks! How cool! GREAT gift!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  2. Hi Daisy,

    Yes! it's so cool..such a great find :) you can check out online stores if you want one..and check out other youtube will be more amazed.. ;)


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