Thursday, September 27, 2012

Marriage is not the solution

You can't solve a problem with another problem.

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Scenario: Guy got the girl pregnant
Parents say, "You should get married!"

It's sad that couples only get married because she got impregnated.

Marriage is not the solution to their "problem." I'm not saying that babies are problems. In fact they are God's gift. The problem is, if the parents are NOT prepared of the HUGE responsibility that will come their way. What if the girl is too young, hasn't finished school, or hasn't reached her dreams yet. What if the guy only has a low-income job, or worse no job at all, or isn't "mature" enough to be a father? 

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I am not saying that abortion is the solution, but neither is marriage.

I think marriage vows deserve more than that. I think marriage should be between two people in love with each other. Two people who have stood the test of time or even just a split second but knew in an instant that they were destined for each other.

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It's sad to think that gay couples, who have been together for so long, is not allowed by the church to get married, even if what they feel for each other is so true. I think it is unfair-- the norms dictated by society. :(

Pag nabuntis nang hindi sinasadya, hindi planado, kahit di mahal yung tao..dahil nabuntis na..kailangan ikasal.
Pero ang mga taong nagmamahalan, dahil lang parehas sila ng kasarian, di na nga magka-anak di pa pwede mag pakasal.  

Going back to marriage, I just wish people would take marriage as a serious commitment. It entails love, self respect, respect for your partner, and patience with your new family. Couples should take things one at a time. Having a baby is one thing, but building a family is another.

That just my opinion. What do you think?

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