Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY # 4 | Gray Sweater

How I re-fashioned an old sweater :)

STEP 1. 
Create a pattern you'd like for your sweater. 
Since I am not good at drawing, I created the easiest.. a heart.

STEP 2. 
Pin the pattern on another fabric.
I used a see-through blazer which (I thought) no one is using.

Sew the patterned-fabric to your sweater.
I used colored thread because at first I thought of letting it be that way.
But I ended up, using the extra fabric as an outline. :)

Cut the holes on the shoulders and sew the edges.
This was also unplanned.

I hope you liked my 4th DIY project! :) 
Check the other ones here.

Reminder: Before cutting out any old shirt, make sure no one is using it. haha :p

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