Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grimace and Lace

Here is what I wore to Puerto Galera, where we celebrated Mother's Day, and my mom's birthday.
I am blogging about the vacation soon, but for now enjoy this "outfit" post. :)

The color reminds me of Grimace.
The Mcdonald character, whose identity is unknown. haha. :)

bikini top |  Sun Kissed
I bought the top at Sun Kissed x SM Dept. Store.
The items are affordable and the bikinis are priced separately, which means you can mix and match their items.:)

Laced Shorts | Just G.

That's it! 
Hope you liked it! :)

Enjoy the last days of summer! 

P.S I currently have a sprained right ankle. So while I am writing this, my right leg is on a cast :(
It's taking me awhile to write other posts, because having a cast is like having weights on your leg.
It's very heavy, very itchy, and verydistracting.. :( 
I hope it gets removed soon, and I hope my ankle heals soon!

I am still very thankful though, cause I've heard lots of surfing injuries which are far more worse than mine.  


  1. Wait - is it the end of summer there? I thought you guys are in the northern hemisphere/too near the equator for it to make too much of a difference? I need to check up on my geography.

    But also, you look gorgeous! You're in great shape, and I love the bikini and shorts!


  2. WOW!! lovely post... You look so cute as always..
    Waiting for your vacation post.. :)

    lots of love


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