Thursday, May 30, 2013

Deep Fried Oreos

When it is scorching hot, and you want something sweet, then this dessert is perfect for you...

Deep Fried Oreos with Ice Cream on Top! :)

Without further ado, I am now going to share with you the instructions for this mouth-watering dessert.

Step 1. Gather the ingredients. You will need:

pancake mix | Fluffy n'Tasty 500g
Oreos | 1 pack Oreo( contains 14pcs.)
chocolate syrup | Clara Ole Choco Syrup
vanilla ice cream | Selecta Super Thick Classic Vanilla
an egg
cooking oil

Step 2. Pour the pancake mix in a bowl. Here, I only used 1 pack of 250g hotcake mix.

Step3. Add the egg and add water.

Step 4. Mix well. Make sure that the batter is just right, not too thick or not too watery. 

Step 5. Dip the Oreos.

Step 6. Cover the whole cookie. Make sure you cover the reverse side with batter.

Step 7. While you are heating the oil in a pan, prepare a plate/bowl with tissue/oil absorbent paper.

Step 8. When the oil is hot already, put the Oreos covered with batter inside the pan.
 The batter cooks quickly, so be sure to flip it right away.

Step 9.  Drain the excess oil in a strainer.

Step 10. Let it cool on a plate with tissue.

You can serve it like this, but I want to add more sweets! :)

So, I placed 3 Deep Fried Oreos in a small plate.
Added a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on Top.
And finally, I added chocolate syrup. 

And there you have it! :)

It is best served with the Oreos a little bit hot, so the Ice Cream will give it contrast.

Don't forget to drink lots of water afterwards!

This is very good for sharing, since I think 3 Oreos are enough for an individual.

Enjoy! :) 


  1. yummy!! thats a smart idea girl :)

  2. This is delicious and easy to cook! Hello darling, I just found your blog and I love it, starting from its name! I'm following you via Gfc and Bloglovin. Hope some time you'll stop by and return the love!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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  3. Wow these look delicious! X

  4. I love deep fried oreos and it looks so good with the ice cream on top!


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