Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY project # 2: Neon Bracelets

So, here is what I did with old nail polish, old bracelets, and some cross-stitch thread..:)

1) Gather the materials.
2) "Saw" the thread to the bracelet.
3)Get some old nail polish. The older and "stickier" it is, the better. ;)
4) Paint the bracelet with nail polish. For the pink bracelet, I wrapped it with thread first, before painting, but on the yellow one, I painted it with nail polish first, before wrapping. I think what I did with the yellow one is better.:)
5) Hang it out to dry.
6) Knot the thread at inner part of the bracelet. Aaaaand we're done! :)

Watch out for more DIY's! :)
(see my first DIY here..)


  1. very cute and creative ! I always appreciate a good diy! I want to do more diy projects as well this year! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    AMAZING DIY!!! I love them and your nails are beautiful too :)

  3. Parang hirap neto gawin ah! pero super cool!

  4. Talk about being talented! I'd never thought a simple bangle could look so funky! Happy weekend!


  5. Oh nice DIY project my dear! Glad you posted again! Happy to see the new layout too! Keep it up dear! :)

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  6. Great DIY! Love the result!

    xx Karolina

  7. Really nice... Never thought an ordinary bangle would look so classy...

    EastGrad Fashion

  8. Great DIY! You are so creative! Will definitely try out this soon. Thank you for the idea! :) New follower here, by the way! xx

  9. Super cool DIY!!


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