Wednesday, October 3, 2012

em-BRACE freedom

Say hi to my teeth! :) Finally, the result of wearing braces after 3-years. COOL! I can feel my gums now. My teeth is finally free! Lol. But some things really need to be free AND remain free. 

Other people think that the netizens are overreacting regarding the Cybercrime Law -- are they? I have read lot of articles regarding the newly-approved-law but I think there is still a lot more to know. It needs in-depth analysis to finally have a stand on the issue. Well, what really bothers me are the people who will be implementing it. Uso satin ang power tripping, mapalaki o maliit na organisasyon. Natatakot lang ako, na gawin itong alas ng mga taong nasa kapangyarihan na. (more on the issue here

I believe that the Filipino people are innately good, but sometimes we get blinded by power and money. Well, we just hope that it is not going to happen now. Let us keep an open mind and a positive attitude towards the issue. Let's keep ourselves updated.

To the outfit, this is what I wore going to the dentist:

*the photos were taken inside, cause its raining*

The Ramp | Blazer

Fave store in Glorietta 5 | 'Jumper Corset'
Dept. Store | High waist shorts
I don't know what to call the top, but for me it's like a cross breed of a jumper and a corset. It's like a midriff cause it is not loose at the ends but it is only up to the pusod. Since I will be commuting, I decided to wear a high-waist shorts to cover it up (it = baby fats..haha). I also wore a blazer over it kasi malamig sa labas. Ilang araw na din hindi tumitigil ang ulan eh..That's why I also chose wearing sneakers. :)

How 'bout you? What would you wear on a day like this?


Say hi to our cat, Kitteh Cat

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Saw this AWESOME video in youtube..Goosebumps!

Goodnight guys! :) 

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