Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Purpose

Hello! I am a noob here at blogger..:)
Obviously this is my first post and I want it to be "meaningful".
lol. pa-deep hindi bagay!haha.kidding aside,

that IS the question.
I love to dance.
I love math (but math doesn't love me).
I am currently employed. 
I am not really sure of what direction I want to take. :(
ligaw na kung ligaw..

But I think people really go through that stage.
(Or is it just me? waaah! kawawa naman ako kung ganun.haha)

So yun nga, habang naliligaw ako sa kasarinlan, 
nakabasa ako ng isang isa isa pa.
hanggang natuklusan ko ang tinatawag nilang BLOGOSPHERE.
It is like entering another dimension.
Parang may sariling mundo yung mga tao dito.
not in a bad way though. 
After reading blogs for a long time, I noticed that it is an effective way of connecting and influencing people

Hence, this blog was born! :)
Mejo magulo pa ang lahat, but for now I have to sleep na. 

Toodles! ;)


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