Sunday, June 30, 2013

A 20-something's Dilemma

This post is dedicated to all those 20-somethings, who are looking  for their places in this world.

Are you asking yourself  "Where do I belong?"
Or telling yourself in panic "I don't belong anywhere!!"
If not, good for you, you may now leave this page (lol.bitter haha)
But if yes, then this one is for you (for us).

A lot of things in this world is demanding us to "fit in". 
You should have this..You should know that..
By this age you should already be married..
So on,and so forth..

It can make you go craaaaazy! (Like what I am feeling right now)
Or you can always use it as a fuel to move forward.
Here are some reminders that can hopefully help us get through this. :) 

1) Know yourself 
Know your strengths and weaknesses.
Continue doing what you are good at, and decide whether you are going to ignore your weakness or improve on it.

Ignore it if you think it is really not for you. Sometimes it is good to accept your weakness,
 than to waste you energy on something you are not.
Improve it if you think it can help you in the future, and if you really want to be a well-rounded person. 
Just remember that you can't be everything all at the same time.

2) Live your life in your own pace 
Since you now know yourself more than anyone, decide if you will take baby steps or big leaps.
You are the only one who can decide on that.
Life is not a race.
Don't compare on what others have accomplished. 
You have accomplishments and you have to acknowledge it.
You deserve a pat on the back, and a "Good job!" from yourself. :)

3) Try, and try, and try ..
I know you hear this all the time.
But sometimes, when you are already in that situation, you forget all about this,
 and choose to cry, and sulk in one corner, and cry again.
Well, what are you doing?? Get up and try again! 
If not in that career, then choose another.
If not in that school, then choose another. 
If not with that person, then choose another. 
(The third one might be not that easy though. haha)

4) Accept the fact that you can't control everything
Whether you are an atheist, or a Catholic,
 there is something or someone out there who has greater power over you.
I'm not sure exactly what "that" is.
But ironically, to be strong, you have to accept that you are weak.
Be humble and let Him interfere.

5) Enjoy the road 
People hurry up to get to the destination, that they forget to enjoy the beauty of the road.
Even if it rains, even if there are road blocks, enjoy it.
You may get annoyed at first, but once you get to there, you will realize that those roadblocks brought more meaning to your journey.

I hope this can help in one way or another.
Do you have anymore to share?

In the mean time, stay positive! :) 
We will get there.

Happy Monday! :)

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